Cause we are a magazine…

Joy and optimism are tech´s default modes of this magazine. A few years ago, Carla Fontana, the editor in chief, decided to move from the city of São Paulo to “Serra da Cantareira”. Looking around her house, Carla found no one, but herself and her kids.


She spent her first year in the forest trying to find a way to communicate with the world. She found one: internet. But for Carla, it wasn´t enough.

So she kept reading and writing and decided to interview her neighborhood. Neighbor after neighbor she found a new reason to smile and enjoy life. After 4 years, she came to realize they were exceptionally happy for having the opportunity to stay in Serra da Cantareira, one of the largest urban forest in the world.

 Perhaps the most classic component of this magazine was the spetacular forest setting, the animals, but also the city of São Paulo, which stays at 30 minutes from her house.

She named the magazine “Think More” (in Portuguese they say “Pense Mais”) and started to print it. The first edition was printed on January, 2015.


“Our magazine has a soul and after reading it, you might feel both introspective and festive, very nature lover, very city friendly. How come? Well, just like the rainbows. They are made by deflection of sunlight through rain. It means we need nature (light) and city (gray) to create a myriad of colors and possibilities.” That´s a metaphor Carla uses to explain this lovely project!