5 amazing tips to our “forest look”

The rule number #1 of a forest look is avoid to be made-up. In Serra da Cantareira we love to be dressed-up, but hate to look made-up. Why? Cause we don´t need to be an overwrought, bedazzled affair. We love nature and intensity, and being well-dressed is really important to our life, but we follow some basic rules we want to share with you. Check it out:

#2: lipstick: try a red lipstick that lasts and lasts. “Quem disse Berenice”, in her revolutionary lipsticks, stays forever in your lips. Try it!


#2:t-shirt:  for an audacious lipstick, you should wear a t-shit with the same vibe, more like a photograph or something that will inspire you to move on. Do you know that elephant is a symbol of power, dignity, intelligence and peace? So, try to find out your own symbol and show it up!


# 3- shoes: have you ever tried a moccasin? Flat-soled shoes can be very comfortable and also fashion. Why not?


#4 Smile: all you need to go with to enjoy this place is a smile.