What your T-shirt says about you

Nowadays the distances in the world are shorter thanks to internet. As such, one of the big victories of our time is recognizing the existence of varied ways of life.  This month we have been asking members of this magazine´s staff to bring in their favorites T-shirts. Today we invited our colleague Beth Uehara to share with us the communicate meaning of  her T-shirts. Well, it was a great  way to celebrate  diversity and we hope you can think about what your T-shirt may say about you!!! Do you want to try?

1.Everybody says I´m crazy. As I like running, a student gave me this one saying that it really describes who I am.


2. I was born to ride, indeed! It calms me down. Riding not only brings me friends. peace and freedom, but raises my self-steem.IMG_4999-vertp

3.  I´ve been nicknamed “Maggie” (Magali), as due to hard sport practing, I eat as much as she does…IMG_5044-vertp

4.  No sooner had I seen this t-shirt, I was eager to buy it. I´ve been always looking for new things and it demands “courage” to “triumph”. IMG_5027-vertp

5. It is far beyond being only a hobby. This is what I breath, drink, eat, dream of and fight for! Rider´s world is an amazing one. Whenever you see a dog enjoying a car ride, with its face having wind on… remember me, feeling the same way!