6 ways to motivate yourself

Urban life requires direct attention, so it is not restorative. You probably already know that. So, what we want you to think about is: how do you invigorate yourself? Do you know that most of depressed people have tired brains? This is why you should make the opportunity to experience nature.  Serra da Cantareira is specially therapeutic and we can feel it, for that reason we decided to share with you 6 ways we motivate ourselves in here:

  • A walk in the park or an afternoon near from our home:


  • A wilderness trip to the beach, which is 1 hour from us, can improve our mood and boosts our hability to think;


  • Horticulture therapy: just a fancy term for gardening; cats
  • Looking at pretty pictures of nature around us. It´s delightful!


  • Try to arrange a walk with a friend;


  • A lazy day looking a river might help our mind as well. IMG_4158-vertp